ito (SPIEL Essen 2023 ver.)

String your thoughts together
in this cooperative party game!

Players: 2~8 Play time: ~10 min Age: 8+

Game Design/Illustration:Mitsuru Nakamura
Graphic Design: Misaki Shimada (Arclight, Inc.)
Lead Developer:Atsushi Hashimoto (Arclight, Inc.)
Editor:Kakeru Goto, Kunihito Nozawa (Arclight, Inc.)

Game Overview

This is being sold exclusively at Essen Spiel 2023

ito is a cooperative game where you and your friends will each get your own secret number you then have to try to put in order as a group based on the clues you give related to the chosen theme. As a group, place the cards face down in order of what you think goes from lowest to highest, and once everyone has agreed move on to reveal the cards.

Your group wins when you reveal the cards and they are in the correct numerical order!

Game Setup

1.Each player chooses a color and takes two Cubes of that color. The rest are returned to the box.
2.Shuffle Number cards to create a deck.
3.Each player draws a card from the deck and keeps it in their hand without showing it to the other players.
4.Place the Theme sheet and marker on the table.
5.Place the Zero card in the middle of the table.

Game Flow

In ito everyone is working together!
When you manage to place your cards in numerical order, you win as a group!

1.Draw and show the top card of the deck.
On the Theme sheet, check the area corresponding to the card’s number and decide together which of these themes to use for this round.
Place the Theme marker on the chosen theme.

2.Every player must provide an example related to the chosen theme which hints towards the number they hold in their hand.
This can be done freely among the players without a strict turn order.

You may not include numbers, values or quantities in your hint — and, of course, you can’t show your card or reveal its value!

3.The objective is for all players to arrange the cards in a row starting from the Zero card, in numerical order lowest to highest.
Closer to the Zero card means a lower number. When you play a card in the row, place a Cube of your color on it to mark it as yours.
4.When everyone has agreed on the order of the cards, the resolution phase begins. Starting from 0, reveal each card one by one.
If all the cards are in correct numerical order, lowest to highest, you win!

Challenge Mode!

If you win the game, let’s make it more challenging! Return the Cubes to the owners and shuffle all the Number cards back in the deck.
Then set up again for a new game. This time, one player will receive two number cards instead of one, so they will have to think of two hints related to their numbers.
If you win again, continue adding a new card each time. How many times will you be able to win the game in a row

If you win when all players have two cards in hand, you can continue with Extreme Mode! Continue adding new cards, one at a time, but you will no longer have Cubes to mark the cards, so you have to be very careful about which card you play and where!


・100 Number cards (56x87mm)
・100 Number cards (Original Version) (44x63mm)
・1 Zero card (56x87mm)
・1 Zero card (Original Version) (44x63mm)
・2 Theme sheets (100 themes) (EN / DE)
・1 Theme marker
・16 Cubes
・1 Rule sheets (EN / DE)


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